Time Wactch Face Recognition Time & Attendance Terminal | ATF-686 | TWAATF686 |

15,000.00 7,700.00

1,000 face and 3,000 fingerprint 3000 card /password templates

High verification speed

Advanced and user-friendly UI

Built-in battery backup

Providing approximately 2 to 4
hours of continuous operation
(depend on usage)

New framework firmware, easy to
extend functions and customize
client’s requirements


Available on backorder


ATF-686 face recognition time & attendance terminal support up to 1,000 face templates,
3,000 fingerprint, 3,000 card/password with TimeWatch latest hardware platform
and algorithm. It offers brand new UI and user-friendly operation interface to provide
smooth user experience. With advanced face algorithm and muilt-biometric
verification technology , the terminal’s security level of verification is significantly enhanced

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Weight 1.5 kg


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