TimeWatch BIO-12 Fingerprint Device with Exit Fingerprint Reader- BIO-12

5,000.00 4,000.00


• User Capacity : 3,000(Fingerprint/Card/Password)

• Log Capacity : 1,60,000

• Communication Interface : TCP/IP,(Host & Slave),wiegand Input

• FRR : 0.001% • FAR : 0.00001%

• LCD : 2.4″ TFT Color Screen

• Verification Time : <0.5 Sec

• Fingerprint Image Display : Yes

• Operating Voltage : DC12V/lA

• Access Control : Built-In

• CPU: 320MHz




Biometric device with multi modal identification introduces with two different and reliable features face and fingerprint to identify people. With the advancement in these two modalities you can achieves much greater accuracy with high security. This technique leads to an accurate identification and offering better performance. This enhancement in feature of biometric increase the interest among the business owner. Due to the advancement in biometric technology it is being getting deployed in many sectors such as airports, government, finance, health care, military, industry and any type of business which require safety and security to protect their data and resources from misuse and attacks.

With the various researches, the industry analysis report clearly showing the increasing demand of time and attendance is significantly increases which directly help you to improve the workforce of your organization. There are various products available in market the dual mode biometric time and attendance terminal includes both a camera for facial recognition and a fingerprint capture device is the trending device available in market. It offers brand new user-interface and user-friendly operational interface where user have to scan there face including eye the device will capture their facial structure for verification and then validate user. This effective device prevent from duplicate face registration. This superior device with best quality hardware has embedded full featured integrated software that enable business owner, organization to maximize their return on investment. With advanced algorithm and verification technology it increases the security level of verification. It is the next generation of security level which is efficient, accurate and more secure.

Currently there are different types of biometric are used including face, fingerprint. In order to find the best among all the technique is fingerprint, face are most effective to be preferred. We suggest you our products ATF-305 is a multimodal biometric have both the functionality so that user can validate their self easily.

TimeWatch understand the requirement of market that’s why we serve the quality service for safe access of resource. Our versatile Product will identify people in a single instant by capturing their face as well as fingerprint in the device. Once the user will register their self they are allow to get access of resource in a single recognition.

    • 1. Lowering payroll cost


    • 2. Eliminate overtime buddy punching


    • 3. Accurate data


    • 4. Prevent from cost litigation


    • 5. Automated data collection


    6. Daily report management (MIS report)


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