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HDMI to VGA Converter Adapter Cable (White)

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The lightweight and portable HDMI to VGA adapter connects an HDMI compatible device to a monitor or projector with VGA port; A VGA cable (sold separately) is required
Built-in active IC chip improves compatibility.
The HDMI to VGA converter supports resolutions up to 1920×1080 (1080p Full HD) including 720p and 1600×1200 for HD monitors or projectors
Gold-plated connectors resist corrosion, provide rigidity, and improve the signal performance.
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The Microware Active HDMI to VGA Adapter is the ideal solution for connecting a computer or other HDMI source to a display with full HD video and audio support. From the classroom to the conference room, this versatile adapter provides a convenient solution for displaying video or other content on a legacy display.

  • Connect the VGA Cable of your monitor or projector to the VGA Female port of the adapter
  • Connect the Audio Cable of your speakers or any audio device with Audio Port of this adapter
  • Turn on the HDMI device and the Display device,Speakers and enjoy.
  • Suitable for Almost All HDMI input device (like DVD, PS3, Xbox360, etc ) and VGA output device (like monitor, projectors, etc).1080p Full HD With Audio AUX Converter Adapter For Laptops
  • NOTE :This is HDMI (Laptop, PC) to VGA (LED, LCD, Monitor) Converter & If your LCD/LED have HDMI port then you need VGA to HDMI Converter

Feature Filled Adapter The combination of gold-plated connectors with integrated power and audio ports in a lightweight package provides a portable adapter that is easy to carry and useful for many applications.

Comprehensive HDMI to VGA Solution Comprehensive resolution, 480i/480p/576i/576p/800×600/720i/720p/1280×1024/1600×1200/1080i/1080p Integrated audio port in the adapter, connects to speakers on the VGA display with the stereo cable

Broad Compatibility HDMI Source: computer, PC, desktop, laptop, ultrabook, notebook, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, Intel Nuc, Roku, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Set Top Box, TV BOX, or other devices with HDMI port; Low-power HDMI Source: Blu-ray player,SONY PS4, Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display, Mac mini, and Apple TV

Full High Definition Input: HDMI Male Output: VGA Female Installation: Plug and Play Supported Resolutions: 1080p/1080i (1920×1080), 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 720p/720i (1280×720), 800×600, 576p/576i (768×576), 480p/480i (640×480

Full HD Experience Connect the HDMI connector of the adapter to your HDMI device. Connect the VGA cable of your monitor or projector to the VGA female port of the adapter 3. Turn on the HDMI device and the display device and enjoy.

Full HD Video Support Support for resolutions up to 1920×1080 including 720p, 1600×1200 for compatibility with most VGA displays, No external software drivers are required.

This is a unidirectional device, it works from HDMI to VGA, not in reverse. It means your source should be HDMI and destination should be VGA.

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