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HD CCTV Via Twisted Pairs Adapter 720P HD CVI/TVI/AHD Passive Video Balun Male BNC to UTP Cat5/5e/6 Network Camera

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Pack of 2 Pair Video Balun
It supports all video devices, such as camera, monitor, DVR card and recorder etc
Compact size and easy installation
Main function: Adopt one set of twisted-pair 2 core wire to transmit video signal with one way
Up to 320 Meters / 960 Feet for AHD 720P Cameras Up to 450 Meters / 1350 Feet for HD-CVI 720P Cameras Up to 250 Meters / 750 Feet for HD-CVI Read More

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  • TVI CVI AHD passive twisted pair video transmission, avoid screw press button terminal design as long as one click can complete the installation, and used to send and receive, built-in esd circuit to prevent electrostatic interference caused by, Built-in surge, with filter circuit, except can filter to interference; Built-in lightning protection tube can prevent the instantaneous surge, and active transport color signal of 915 meters.


  • AHD TVI CVI passive twisted pair video transmission equipment, and can be used for sending and receiving, do not need to provide power supply, transmission distance for color signal 0-225 meters, black and white signal more than 400 meters; The built-in eliminate electrical source, electric field, magnetic field, pulse circuit, epd interference, strong ability of interference suppression, ultra low electromagnetic radiation, built-in surge protection can make telephone calls, RS485 control, audio data

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