Dell Inspiron 15 P51F P55F

Foxin 45Watt 19.5Volt Power Adapter | FLA45195DLI4530 | Superior quality Smart Notebook Adapter with Power Cord | Compatibility Model – Dell Inspiron 15 P51F P55F

949.00 515.00

Low Ripple Operating Noise
Regulates Output Voltage automatically
High-efficiency Power Conversion Ratio
Short-Circuit/Over-Voltage Protection
3-Pin Socket Prevents Electricity Leakage


Getting a reliable Power adapter that delivers a safe, powerful charge every time shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. Enhance your Laptop’s Performance by using Foxin Superior quality Smart Notebook Adapter FLA45195DLI4530. The polarized power cable is designed to connect a wall socket and your Laptop/notebook. With high-quality wires, the adapter comes with overload protection and anti-Interference feature with better Isolation materials, better quality rubberized texture durable Cord. The voltage and wattage of an adapter need to match the required voltage of the laptop. ‘Watts’ is important as it is the core foundation power that laptop (battery) supports. To find the correct adapter for your laptop, know the required input specifications, listed as volts and amps. By multiplying these two numbers together, the minimum wattage from your adapter can be determined.

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