HAVELLS CCTV 3+1(Jelly) Cable – 90M

HAVELLS CCTV 3+1(Jelly) Cable – 90M

3,000.00 1,400.00

Material: PVC, Color: White
Item Dimension: 310mm x 100mm x 310mm
Package Contents: 1-Piece CCTV cable
Ensures the adequate signal strength, no reflection for best picture quality
Annealed tinned copper for better soldering of wires
Higher amount of aluminum braiding ensures better signal strength



Havells always believes in delivering the best products to its consumers. In fact, it is one of the largest manufacturers of wires and cables in India. Made using the best quality material backed by advanced technology, the Havells range of wires is absolutely eco-friendly, non-toxic, flame retardant and free of lead. Talking particularly about CCTV cables, the brand has designed them to optimize the quality of video signals which are transmitted through the cable in the CCTV. Check online to get the best price for wires and cables by Havells!

As people are installing CCTV cameras almost everywhere for security reasons, the demand for CCTV cables has risen up tremendously in the last few years. Havells, keeping in view the need of quality picture, has made these cables using the best of material. The CCTV cables contain solid annealed bare copper conductor of electrolytic grade which is insulated with foamed dielectric, aluminium foil taped, jelly flooded, braided with aluminium, alloy and then jacketed with UV PVC. Get the 90-m pack of CCTV cables at genuine price online!

With Havells CCTV cables, ensure minimum distortion of video frequency range and a clear picture even on low frequency bandwidth of transmission in such applications. Available in 90-m pack, Havells CCTV cables make one of the best ranges of wires from the brand. You can check online for more details, price and technical specifications of these cables. And choose the one that ensure amzing picture quality along with power supply like that of Havells!

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