Molex to SATA, 4-Pin Molex Male to Dual Power 15-Pin SATA Female Y-Splitter Power Cable Adapter (6 inch)

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IDEAL SOLUTION for the DIY computer builder or IT tech repair when installing new or replacement SATA drives or DVD drives to a power supply that only has Molex power ports; Dual SATA connectors provide a spare for upgrades or repairs with a 6 inch cable length that is perfect for internal cable management.
Offers maximum system expandability without having to upgrade a computer power supply for the sake of SATA (power) connections.
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The 4-Pin Molex to Dual SATA Power Y-Cable Adapter is a handy addition to your toolbox when building, upgrading or repairing computers. Always have a spare port ready for connecting SATA internal hard drives, optical drives, and DVD drives to power supplies with legacy LP4/4 pin Molex connectors.

This handy cable adapter connects an existing power supply when upgrading a computer with a Blu-ray drive or a faster SSD drive. It installs easily for recycling older power supplies and motherboards for repairs or replacements. Utilize the extra Molex ports on a power supply when all the SATA ports are occupied.

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