W BOX 2 wires 280kg single door magnetic lock | WBA0E600EMS |

1,920.00 1,060.00

Holding power : Upto 280KGS / 600 lbs
Operating Voltage : 12VDC
Operating Current : 270mA
Safety mode : Power-on to lock, Power-off to unlock
Weight : 2 kg
Operating Temperature : -10℃ ~ +55℃
Power : 12-24VDC
Indication : LED
Lock Status Monitoring : No


W BOX EM Locks are designed to meet basic access control applications. These locks provide an auxiliary locking mechanism with no moving part for trouble free process. These locks are fail-safe type and suitable for access control applications. Glass door, wooden door, fireproof door, sliding door and metal door can be fixed with single door magnetic lock with holding force of 600 lbs. Material of EM lock is Aluminum. Special anti-residual magnetism design makes the access control automation safer and EM lock more durable.

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Weight 2 kg


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