U-Clamp Round Cable Wire Clips Cable Management (6mm) RG6 RG59 CAT5 CAT6 RJ45 Electrical Ethernet Dish TV Speaker Wire Cord Tie Holder Single Coaxial Nail Clamps (100pic/ 5mm)

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6mm: 100pcs
Colour:White, Clip Material:Plastic, Nail Material:Steel
They are Pretty much what you would Expect from Cable Staples. Nails are Good Quality. These will handle up to 4 to 10 mm cable diameter as their Size. Plastic Holds up well, isn’t flimsy and won’t snap easily
Round Plastic Cable Clips – Round Plastic Cable Clips Protects Insulation and are Weather Resistant, Impact Resistant & Non-Corrosive Complete with Corrosion Resistant Hardened Nails for Securing Read More

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Cable Clips are Small U-Shaped Clamps made up of plastic to hold electrical wires onto a fixed surface.These Wire Clips are available in various sizes depending upon the diameter of electrical wires.It is easy to fix these Wire Holders by using a small hammer.The Nail is pushed inside any rock solid surface and the extruding portion of the cable Clip forms a U shape Cover on the surface thus holding the wire with the support of the Nail.Since Cable Clips are Provided with Steel Nail,they get easily into Walls,Furniture,Wood,Plastic Sheets and any hard surface.Cable and Wires Come in all Sizes,Hence we provide a useful collection of Clips that can help us to fix all the regular home wires on the surface.Wire Clips for wall are the most basic needs for electric wires.Cable Wire needs to be attached to the walls using wire clips.There are lot of wires in house that are not fixed on the walls or furniture and just keep lying un attended.Using Wire Clips,one can attach wires on the wall,floor Boards or Furniture.Wire Clips are most common needs of house.As wires come in different sizes and thickness,it is important to have Wire Clips of all Sizes..These U shape clips are handy and easy to install and important for wire Spacing.They are made up of plastic and are widely used for Cable management.The Clips do not need any professional help to be installed.We will only need a small hammer to fix these Clips.6mm Wire Clips can be used to fix 1.00 square mm Cable wires,Telephone Wires,Speaker Wires,3-Coloured Cables and all types of Thin Wires.Cable Clips of 8mm can be used for 2.5square mm Single Core cables,CCTV cables,Two small size Wires.

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